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Producers: 8Floy, Aday Hernández, BiaGo Sordini, Aliens Bad Brothers, Abra, Aldo Gargiulo, Alessandro Peri, 2WB, B2K (RF), Allmoe, Andrea Ghirotti, 21 Souls, Angel Black, Ben/G, Antonio Martinelli, Alex Punch, Beat Monkey, Ajphouse, Alec T. Adams, Alexander #2.0, Adi & Friends, Anonymo, Archetype (MX), Armando Rosario, Big Martino, Stephan Barbieri
Created: 2019-12-08
Company: Rebellious
Serial No:RBL218
Sound Categories: Techno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard), Tech House, Melodic House & Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech, Progressive House, Electronica / Downtempo, Deep House, DJ Tools
quality: Mp3 320kbps
8Floy – Coco (Delphunk Remix)

Aday Hernández – Esa Gente (Andrea Giungo Remix)

8Floy – Fallen Bird (Original Mix)

BiaGo Sordini – REM (Robert DB Remix)

Aday Hernández – Esa Gente (Original Mix)

Aliens Bad Brothers – Prometheus (Original Mix)

Abra – Faceless (Haveck Remix)

Aday Hernández – Luckydown (Original Mix)

Aldo Gargiulo – Born Guilty (Original Mix)

Alessandro Peri – Alpine Cold (Original Mix)

2WB – Exodus (Original Mix)

Abra – All Night (The Lost Faces Remix)

2WB – Afterhours Xtasy (Original Mix)

B2K (RF) – Sight Of The Darkness (Timofey Remix)

Allmoe – The Apprentice (Original Mix)

Andrea Ghirotti – Kayper Love Dorsia (Original Mix)

BiaGo Sordini – Echelon (Original Mix)

21 Souls – Bossy (Original Mix)

Angel Black – In The Club (Original Mix)

Aday Hernández – Blackout (Roberto Leon Remix)

Aliens Bad Brothers – Guaiava (Original Mix)

Ben/G – Telikos (Original Mix)

Andrea Ghirotti – Anima (Claudio Polizzotto Remix)

Antonio Martinelli – Countdown (Original Mix)

Andrea Ghirotti – Anima (Jens Schattauer Regroove)

Alex Punch – Rising Fog (Original Mix)

2WB – Left Versus Right (Original Mix)

Abra – I Want You Here (Original Mix)

Beat Monkey – La Aldea (Original Mix)

Ajphouse – What Is Love (Original Mix)

Alec T. Adams – Not Sure (Original Mix)

Alexander #2.0, Adi & Friends – A&A2,1 (Original Mix)

Anonymo – Shadow Realm (Original Mix)

Archetype (MX) – E (Original Mix)

Armando Rosario – Reday (Original Mix)

Abra – Les Assassin (DJ Bass Synth Tool)

Big Martino, Stephan Barbieri – The Game (Original Mix)


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