Fri. Sep 18th, 2020


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Producers: Andrea Giungo, 2WB, Even Midnight, Distant Groove, D-Huter, Andrea Matteu, Benttum, Aday Hernández, Abra, Claudio Polizzotto, Andrea Ghirotti, Aldo Gargiulo, Audio Sonus, Be Brothers, Carlo Vonacci, Axel Key, Adellacosta, 8Floy, Bill Tox, Aliens Bad Brothers, Alessandro Peri, Angel Black, Ben/G, Big Martino, Stephan Barbieri, Cordova F, Daddy Russell, Federico Vivas, Daniel Hecke, Darkmode, Delphunk, Mr.D.M.W.Max, Domshe, Majo
Created: 2019-12-08
Company: Bach Music
Serial No:BMVA83
Sound Categories: Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House, Techno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard), Deep House
quality: Mp3 320kbps
Andrea Giungo – El Patron (Original Mix)

Andrea Giungo – El Parasito (Biagio Ess Rework)

2WB – Aesope (Original Mix)

Even Midnight – DIY (Original Mix)

Distant Groove – Cloud IX (Andrea Matteu Remix)

D-Huter – Verbindung (Domshes 4AM Mix)

Andrea Matteu – White And Black (Andrea Giungo Remix)

Benttum – Creation (Original Mix)

Even Midnight – Strict Minimum (Original Mix)

Aday Hernández – Esa Gente (Andrea Giungo Remix)

Abra – XCV (Lorhen Remix)

Aday Hernández – Esa Gente (Domshe Remix)

Claudio Polizzotto – Inside My City (Original Mix)

Abra – Faceless (Danny F & DJ Valio Remix)

Andrea Ghirotti – Impulsi Cadenti (Original Mix)

Aday Hernández – Vali Uk (Original Mix)

Abra – Home (Dani Barrera Remix)

Aldo Gargiulo – Echoes (Rose Tinted & Anna Be Remix)

Even Midnight – Expression (Original Mix)

Audio Sonus – Deep State (Original Mix)

Be Brothers – Receiver (Original Mix)

Carlo Vonacci – Capsula (Original Mix)

Axel Key – The Lost Dream (Original Mix)

Andrea Ghirotti – Hangar (Original Mix)

Carlo Vonacci – Giff Me (Original Mix)

Be Brothers – Lion Heart (Original Mix)

Adellacosta – Visible Mass (Original Mix)

Carlo Vonacci – Minds (Original Mix)

Andrea Giungo – El Parasito (Got To Get Back Home Mix)

8Floy – Fallen Bird (Original Mix)

Bill Tox – Pumping’n Jumping (Original Mix)

Aliens Bad Brothers – Glycerine (Original Mix)

Carlo Vonacci – Blue (Original Mix)

Alessandro Peri – Balkan Anthem (Original Mix)

Adellacosta – Horror Struck (Original Mix)

8Floy – Coco (Spiritum Caritatis Remix)

Angel Black – Nucleo (Original Mix)

Claudio Polizzotto – Search Of Simplicity (Original Mix)

Ben/G – Telikos (Original Mix)

Big Martino, Stephan Barbieri – Master Bass (Original Mix)

Cordova F – Pegasus (Jolly (PE) Remix)

D-Huter – Caotic Dimension (Original Mix)

Daddy Russell – Binary Options (Original Mix)

Daddy Russell – Hermanito (Original Mix)

Federico Vivas – Dynamic (Original Mix)

Daniel Hecke – Between Strokes (Original Mix)

Darkmode – Wave Lab (Original Mix)

Delphunk, Mr.D.M.W.Max – The Rush (DJ Firpo Remix)

Domshe – Sinister (Original Mix)

Majo, Domshe – Dance (Tonal Grooves iDance Remix)


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