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ppdee – Mojito Lounge Beats 2020: Best of Tropical & Deep House (EFR062)

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Producers: ppdee, Can Sezgin, Ziya Baskal, ANIL YILDIZ, Taha Polat, Robert Cristian, Cagri Guzet, Unsal Koksal, H.A.Z.E, Hakan Ismen, HAAB, RAFO, Topsy Crettz, Jay Aliyev, Baris Bozan, Erbil Dzemoski, Echevo, Burak Cilt, Dani Corbalan, Audioboy, Dr. Space, Onurcan Guneyin, Melih Aydogan, Kara Mel, Alex Spite
Created: 2020-05-08
Company: Electro Flow Records
Serial No:EFR062
Sound Categories: Deep House, Electronica / Downtempo
quality: Mp3 320kbps
ppdee – I Gotta Know (Original Mix)

Can Sezgin, Ziya Baskal – Don’t Believe (Original Mix)

ANIL YILDIZ, Taha Polat – Rescue Me (Original Mix)

Robert Cristian – Find You (Original Mix)

Cagri Guzet, Unsal Koksal – Mechta (Original Mix)

H.A.Z.E – Old Memories (Original Mix)

Hakan Ismen – Something Wrong (Original Mix)

HAAB – Mirage (Original Mix)

RAFO – Peace Of Mind (Original Mix)

Topsy Crettz – Deeper Breath (Original Mix)

Robert Cristian – Just Breathe (Original Mix)

Jay Aliyev – I Can High (Original Mix)

Baris Bozan – Lose My Mind (Original Mix)

ppdee – Illusion Of Us (Original Mix)

Erbil Dzemoski – Just Like You (Original Mix)

Echevo – Sunrise (Original Mix)

HAAB – Emotions (Original Mix)

Robert Cristian – Twisted Love (Original Mix)

Burak Cilt – Easy Come Easy Go (The Distance & Igi Remix)

Dani Corbalan – Together (Original Mix)

Audioboy – Feel Safe (Extended Mix)

RAFO – Run Away (Original Mix)

Dr. Space – Can’t Stop This Game (2albert Chill Mix)

Onurcan Guneyin – Hypnotise (Original Mix)

Melih Aydogan – If You Girl Only Knew (Rafo Remix)

Kara Mel – Uyuni (Original Mix)

Alex Spite – Night Knows (Original Mix)

Jay Aliyev – Sun (Original Mix)

ANIL YILDIZ – Dream (Original Mix)

H.A.Z.E – Finding You (Original Mix)


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